Chicken with sun dried tomato cream sauce crisp tender chicken in the most amazing cream sauce ever this was a definite do over i added the chicken to the basic sauce emitted the butter added the cheese and cream after the chicken was cooked added the cream and cheese brought it to a boil and added the basil served over whole wheat pasta.

9 of 18 goat cheese and sun dried tomato stuffed chicken thighs with sage brown butter sauce 10 of 18 chicken tomato and spinach quesadillas 11 of 18 chicken salad with bacon lettuce and tomato.

Sun dried tomatoes pair with fresh basil while fresh garlic and vegan parmesan cheese pack a serious punch to the vegan cream cheese base a little spinach intensifies the green hue while boosting the nutritional content ooh dreamy note learn about the origins of sun dried tomatoes here.

Caesar chicken wraps when we have chicken for dinner i cook extra for these full flavored roll ups featuring caesar salad dressing cream cheese red pepper black olives and a hint of garlic the wraps are perfect alongside corn on the cob and a green vegetable mdash christi martin elko nevada.

The chicken is then dipped into this fragrant condiment and eaten with rice on the side steamed roasted or grilled chicken also will work here shredded rotisserie chicken breast makes this a quick and easy dish you can also drizzle some of the dip over the chicken and serve the rest in a small bowl.