A classic german potato salad is typically served warm or at room temperature and is dressed in a vinegar based sauce by contrast american style potato salad shown here is often served cold or at room temperature and is coated with a creamy dressing made from mayonnaise sour cream or yogurt.

Mason jars are a great kitchen tool to have on hand for recipes like this classic creamy italian salad dressing they rsquo re airtight so you don rsquo t have to worry about spills they rsquo re dishwasher safe and easy to clean and they rsquo re great for more than just salad dressings ndash i use them for smoothies homemade jams soups and other food storage.

This classic american style potato salad is the result of years of research into what makes a perfect classic potato salad you know that potato salad your grandma makes or you get at the veggie deli counter except this one is made of plant based whole foods and tastes even better than the mayo laden glop that sometimes graces summer pitch.

Slow cooker sweet potato casserole recipe is it even thanksgiving without a side dish of sweet potato casserole well certainly not in my house this classic sweet and savory vegetable side dish is a breeze to make in the crockpot and it will free up your oven for the rest of the meal it rsquo s a great alternative to oven baked and so simple to prep.

Russian dressing a spicier variation of the classic american style french dressing was once as common at salad bars as ranch dressing but is now harder to find you can make your own at home with this foolproof recipe that includes horseradish and sriracha sauce for a one two punch of spice.

Hash brown potato soup is an absolute winter must make the ultimate potato cheese soup made in minutes this soup is loaded with cheese and made with frozen hash browns it rsquo s a delicious twist on a classic recipe so cheesy and delicious top with sauteed carrots and bacon for extra flavor.

Classic mayo is still worth a spot kewpie isn rsquo t the most economical route for whipping up a giant bowl of potato salad you may still prefer the more neutral flavor of american style.

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Cook the roux and spices heat oil in a small saucepan over medium high heat add flour and cook for 1 minute whisking constantly add in the chili powder garlic powder cumin and oregano and cook for 1 more minute whisking constantly.